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Yale School of Management – Cape Town

A ‘Design Practicum’ Course Tackles Cape Town’s Water Crisis

In South Africa, the class, working with Dr. Shaun Borstrock, Professor Mark Bloomfield, and Nick Lovegrove and students from the University of Hertfordshire, will be confronting one of the most vexing problems currently facing that country: water scarcity. Cape Town is heading toward “Day Zero”—projected for June 4—when the city is expected to exhaust its water supply after a nearly three-year drought. Multidisciplinary student teams from Helfand’s course will travel to Cape Town during spring break in March to work on water-related projects with hospitals, hotels, elder care facilities, townships, and wealthier suburbs. The collaboration includes a number of workshops where all students, working in teams will study the problem and devise a range of possible design solutions. The teams will base their work on first-hand experiences gained on site through a series of surveys and observational studies.