In Pursuit of Luxury

As a term which has made its way into everyday language, the idea of luxury has secured a place in modern Western culture. In Pursuit of Luxury (IPOL) explores the many issues and debates surrounding the idea of luxury as a historical and contemporary phenomenon, both critically and commercially.

IPOL is a community of collaborators which brings together global brands in fashion, technology, transport and other industries, plus experts from academia, all of which have an interest in the concept of luxury and its impact on global markets, consumer behaviour and supply chain. This diverse group debates and explores subjects such as:

  • Is it possible to mass produce luxury?
  • In a globalised world of mass consumption and social inequity, is luxurious consumption becoming ethically questionable?
  • How does an object acquire luxury status? Is it through branding or high quality materials and craftsmanship?
  • What is the future of luxury?

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