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In Pursuit of Luxury is an internationally focused consortium of industry and academia that brings together diverse disciplines to encourage thinking outside of established boundaries.

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Our publications address questions such as: how sustainable is a luxury model dictated to by fashion and business, which requires ever-larger segments of the global population to consume and produce luxury, in faster cycles?

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Influencers, thinkers and industry insiders are welcomed to the In Pursuit of Luxury Podcast to share their stories.

In each episode we ask the same questions of each person with unexpected results, revealing a breadth of perspectives on society, consumption, trends and of course attitudes to luxury.

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Since its inception, the IPOL conference has been at the forefront of exploring longstanding and contemporary themes concerning luxury.

The have included, production and waste, spaces of luxury, technology, communication and branding and craftsmanship.

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Work With Our Worldwide Network

IPOL has an extensive international network – the only one of its kind which includes academic and industry experts in luxury.

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