In Pursuit of Luxury

As a term which has made its way into everyday language, the idea of luxury has secured a place in modern Western culture. In Pursuit of Luxury (IPOL) explores the many issues and debates surrounding the idea of luxury as a historical and contemporary phenomenon, both critically and commercially. These include:

  • When and where did the concept of luxury originate? What is its history?
  • How does luxury relate to social class?
  • How does an object acquire luxury status? Is it through branding or high quality materials and craftsmanship?
  • Is it possible to mass-produce luxury?
  • How and when does place/space become a part of the luxury-related experience? 
  • What is the role of technology in mediating our experience of luxury? 
  • In a globalised world of mass consumption and social inequity, is luxurious consumption becoming ethically questionable?
  • As the world’s finite resources diminish, do the implications of such conspicuous consumption take on greater significance?
  • What is the future of luxury in a world beset with political unrest, social uncertainty and financial turmoil?

All of these questions make luxury a subject of pressing concern and rich debate.

Conference 2021 speakers include

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