IPOL has an extensive international network – the only one of its kind which includes academic and industry experts in luxury. We are in the unique position to be able to conduct research, analysis and share insights based on our collective practical experience and both industry and academic perspectives.

You can partner with IPOL to support your business development in a number of ways:

  • Research to support product development – including jewellery, automotive, yachts, fashion, architecture and wearables
  • Supply chain consultancy – including use of blockchain, and how to implement circular models 
  • Strategic consultancy – supporting your marketing planning and brand development
  • Technology consultancy – exploring the applications of big data, VR, AR and AI, machine learning , additive manufacture and unlocking the value of Industry 4.0
  • Profile and PR opportunities – your experts featuring as speakers and contributors at our conferences, and on our podcast, or within our publications
  • Training and development – development for academics, opportunity to tap into our post graduate study network, plus bespoke training