Publishing with In Pursuit of Luxury

Our publications address questions such as: how sustainable is a luxury model dictated to by fashion and business, which requires ever-larger segments of the global population to consume and produce luxury, in faster cycles? What are the costs of continuing along this trajectory, and indeed what are the forces that create and fulfil the desire for luxury, and that uphold its existence in a variety of incarnations along a continuum stretching from the bespoke and rarefied to “new” luxury?

We are delighted to announce that the launch of the Second Edition of Luxury Studies; The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal published by Intellect will be in October 2022.

Click here for submissions for future editions.

Crafting Luxury: Craftsmanship, Manufacture, Technology and the Retail Environment by Mark Bloomfield, Shaun Borstrock, Silvio Carta and Veronica Manlow is available here and from all good book sellers


The first Edition 1.1 of Luxury Studies; The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal is available here

The first special issue: Volume 4.2, is entitled ‘Producing Luxury’ is available here. Editor: Dr Veronica Manlow, Brooklyn College

The second special issue: Volume 5.2 is entitled ‘The Space of Luxury’ is available here. Editor: Dr. Shaun Borstrock, University of Hertfordshire

The third special issue: Volume 7.1 is entitled ‘Luxury in the Age of Technology’ is available here. Editor: Dr Chiara Colombi, Politecnico di Milano

Future Publication

Authors are invited to submit papers that explore the relationship between luxury and the following themes:

  • History
  • Craft and the handmade
  • Branding, marketing and communication
  • Consumption
  • The retail environment
  • Fashion
  • Site selection and demographic shifts
  • Information technology & support
  • The digital environment
  • Materials
  • Sales distribution
  • Sustainability

For more information please contact Nick Thomas at