Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal Call for Papers for the Special Issue in collaboration with Luxury Plus Summit

Written by Chris Jones

November 1, 2022

Call for Papers

We publish our journal twice a year and welcome submissions directly to the Intellect Books newgen portal

Luxury Studies; In Pursuit of Luxury Journal

Crises fascinate human beings; and since early 2019 crises at almost every level have not
been difficult to find.

The Covid pandemic has altered irreversibly the way we interact at every level: how we
socialise, work, consume goods. The war in Ukraine, has added an extra layer of challenges
on a humanitarian, global food supply, economic and environmental level. Sustainability, a
word never heard in a luxury industry conference a decade ago, is now centre-stage in
contemporary discourse. European regulators have declared war on fast fashion forcing a
rethink of the throwaway culture that has dominated the 21 st century clothing industry and
promising to reshape supply chains that reach deeply into Asia. Technology has opened up
new fronts of change too. Synthetic diamonds and leather have entered the luxury world
creating new tensions between natural and artificial, as part of the race for environmental

Where does all this leave luxury and the industry that supports it? Can the brands be trusted
to self-regulate? Are the industry’s green claims trustworthy? How do we adapt, both
psychologically and behaviourally, to these changes? Is the education industry preparing the
next generation for this tough new world or is it stuck in its old habits? Ultimately, has the
very notion of “luxury” itself changed?

At the 2022 Luxury Plus Summit in London, we sought to reveal through collective
investigation the new frontiers of luxury. Bringing together policy-makers, designers, CEOs,
academics and activists we opened the doors to a cross-disciplinary conversation never
encountered before at a luxury Summit level. The synthesis of the collective voices has
yielded an amazingly rich dialogue.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite participants from the entire spectrum of
luxury, fashion, economics, consumer behaviour, technology, sustainability and beyond, to
submit contributions to this very special edition of the In Pursuit of Luxury Journal, due for
release in 2023.


We welcome contributions from scholars from all disciplines and from practitioners from all segments of luxury including but not limited to fashion, jewellery, hospitality, architecture, automotive, technology and aviation.

We are now accepting full papers (5000–7000 words) for the journal, and also welcome book, exhibition and conference reviews. These should be prepared using Intellect House Style, which is available to download from All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications.

All submissions should be sent via the ‘Submit’ link on the journal webpage (, which will direct to the IPOL manuscript submissions system. Please contact the editors for any additional questions or information.

Call for papers deadlines

Issue 3. 2.1: Call for papers open – November 1 2022 – Special Issue – in collaboration with Luxury Plus Summit. Call for Papers ends January 31st 2023

Please find the Intellect Style Guides here

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