Pieter De Kock

Pieter de Kock

Pieter de Kock is an Australian registered architect (ARBV 15737) with a master’s in urban design from the University of Westminster UK, an Australian diploma in graphic design, and Project Management Professional qualification (PMP 1353803). He is well-travelled, having lived and worked in seven countries and is experienced in a wide range of project types and sizes. Pieter is currently researching visual sustainability at the University of Lincoln. His research articles are primarily aimed at reaching a diverse audience around the world adopting a grassroots approach. He supports dissemination through the open access journal network (DOAJ). Country specific publications to date include Indonesia, Spain, The Netherlands, US, and Australia. His articles have appeared in Interiority; URBS: Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales; AMPS; ENQ; AHRA; Construction Economics and Building; Urbana: Urban Affairs & Public Policy; and the Journal of Design, Business & Society. In addition, five working papers related to visual sustainability have been distributed through figshare.com; each of which act as a scaffold for the presentation given at the 2019 AMPS Conference, Stevens Institute of Technology, New York, called ‘The Meaning in Seeing: Visual Sustainability in the Built Environment’. Pieter is especially focused on looking for interesting and unlikely ontological relationships. His main research interest lies in sifting through aggregate that speaks to the notion of visual relevance; and which is located at the interface between two highly charged concepts: lived experience and modern-day sustainability.