About our podcast. People of power and influence, people who think and people who have an opinion worth sharing – welcome to the In Pursuit of Luxury podcast. In each episode we ask the same questions of each person with unexpected results. The questions are somewhat personal revealing differences in opinion about society, consumption, trends and of course attitudes to luxury.

Season One Visionary Women

Season One focuses on women who have shaped the future in a creative and imaginative way, championing new ideas that are both bold and empowering.

Episode One in conversation with Bijou Abiola

Episode Two in conversation with Maria Grachvogel

Episode Three in conversation with Helen Brocklebank

Episode Four in conversation with Alison Lloyd

Episode Five in conversation with Effie Kanyua

Episode Six in conversation with Jessica Helfand

Episode Seven in conversation with Lydia Slater

Episode Eight in conversation with Catherine Scorey Jobling

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