Luxury in the Age of Technology Conference Programme

26 May – 12:30 to 16:30 UK time

27 May – 12:30 to 16:30 UK time

28 May – 12:30 to 14:30 UK time

Please note that all times are UK time BST

Day 1 – 26 May 2021

12.30 Welcome – Shaun Borstrock, Chiara Colombi and Veronica Manlow

12.40 – 13.55 – Podcast Live – Visionary Women hosted by Shaun Borstrock

Lydia Slater; Editor-in-Chief, Harpers Bazaar

Maria Grachvogel; Designer

Bijou Abiola; Director of Consumer Insights and Data Analytics, L’Oreal Luxe

Catherine Scorey; Chief Operating Officer, Allsaints

13.55 break

14.15 – 15.15 – Industry Panel – Luxury and Technology hosted by James Campbell; International Marketing Manager, Intellect Books

Mark Bloomfield;  Visiting Professor Design UH and Innovation and Director, electrobloom

Alireza Parandian; Head of Global Business Strategy Wearables, Materialise

Silvio Carta; Architect and Head of Art and Design, UH

Jonathan Rowley; Additive manufacturing specialist and Managing Director, Advanced SLS

Kevin Bethune; Founder and Chief Creative Officer, dreams design + life

15.15 Break

15.30 – 16.30 – Panel 1 – Luxury and Innovation –  chaired by Chiara Colombi

Deepsagar Verma; Communicating Fashion – A Collaborative Approach through Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Paula von Wachenfeldt; Luxury in the Digital Age: Challenges and Revisions 

Federica Carlotto and Andrea Tanner; New Old Stories: Fortnum and Mason’s Digital Story-Telling

Ngoc Cindy Pham; Modelling the Antecedents of Customer Experience When Using Virtual Reality in Fashion Shows of Luxury Brands

Isabel Hiljding; The Role of Craftsmanship in a Luxury Fashion Company: The Case of LOEWE 

Beatrice Rossato; The Change of Luxury Perception in Jewellery in the Age of Digital Technology 

16.30 Conclusion 

Day 2 – 27 May 2021

12.30 Welcome; Chiara Colombi

12.40 – 13.55 – Podcast Live – Visionary Women hosted by Shaun Borstrock

Jessica Helfand; Design Observer

Alison Lloyd; Creative Director, Ally Capellino

Charlotte Keesing; Director Corporate Affairs and International, Walpole

Effie Kanyua; Director of PR and Communications, Hearst Publications

13.55 Break

14.15 – 15.15 – Panel 2  – Luxury and the Circular Economy chaired by Shaun Borstrock

Annette Condello; Crafting Pearlescence: Brutal Luxury at Valerio Olgiati’s Pearling Gateway in Bahrain 

Tomas Lopez-Pumarejo; How Hemp May Transform the Fashion Industry and the Global Economy 

Erminia D’Itria; Fostering Socio – Cultural Sustainability. How Social-Cultural Values can Nurture Sustainability in the Fashion Luxury Sector

Steven Fischer; Tension Between Craft and Technology in the Production of Luxury 

15.15 Break

15.30 – 16.30 – Panel 3 – Democratised Luxury – chaired by Veronica Manlow

Steven Fischer; The Role of Images to Demonstrate and Democratize Luxury

Nigel Lezama; From Unvalued to Surplus Value. ‘Made-in-Canada’ Luxury at Eaton’s in the 1920s 

Kenneth Appiah-Nimo; Kente in the 4th Industrial Revolution; Balancing Innovation and Sustainability 

Nermeen Mustafa; The Co-Creation Of Chanel in The Age of Technology: Consumer Narratives, and Social Media Engagement Dynamics 

Emily Huggard and Patrick Lonergan; Luxury in the Age of Hypermodernity: Shifting the Cultural Authority from Brand to Online Subcultures 

16.30 Conclusion 

Day 3 – 28 May 2021

12.30 Welcome

12.40 – 13.55 – IPOL Special Issue 7.1 – chaired by Chiara Colombi

12.30 Welcome – Shaun Borstrock, Chiara Colombi and Veronica Manlow

12.40 – 13.55 – IPOL Special Issue 7.1 – chaired by Chiara Colombi

Franck Delpal; The Different Determinants of Purchasing Luxury Goods Online: an International Comparison

Mehita Iqani; Producing Aspiration Online: Local Social Media Marketing of Global Luxury Brands in Africa

Mark O’Connell; Browsing the Virtual Boutique with Baudrillard: the New Realities of Online, 

Device-based, Luxury Fashion Design and Consumption

Olaposi Olumuyiwa Olatubosun; Rethinking Luxury Brands and Sustainable Fashion Business

Model in a Risk Society

Shuchan Luo; Sustainable What…? The Role of Corporate Websites in Communicating Material

Innovations in the Luxury Fashion Industry

13.55 – 14:30 – Discussion

14.30 Wrap up – Shaun Borstrock, Chiara Colombi and Veronica Manlow