Abstract submission information

Authors are requested to familiarise themselves with the selection, notification, submission and style requirements below before submitting an abstract.

Abstracts are to be submitted by Sunday 4 April 2021

Use our abstract submission template to submit your abstract – simply copy and paste into an email. Send your plain text email to abstracts@inpursuitofluxury.com


  • Submissions should be in English.
  • Abstracts of no more than 500 words.
  • It should contain your name, institutional affiliation, address, e-mail, and the title of the full paper.
  • At the end of your abstract please add 5 keywords.
  • Do not mention your name or institution in the text, or include material that easily identifies you, because the abstracts are subject to a blind-peer review process.
  • Your abstract should specify the research question or issue that you are addressing, the context in which it arises and has significance, an outline of the enquiry itself, and the outcome. You should also make clear the connection between your paper and the theme of the conference by ensuring that the conclusion of your paper addresses an aspect of the conference theme.
  • Abstracts should be sent as plain text in an e-mail to abstracts@inpursuitofluxury.com. Please use a personal email. This will be the email address we will use for correspondence with the authors. Please do not send abstracts as attachments in MS Word, etc. This helps us to avoid catching and spreading viruses.

Selected Papers

If your abstract is selected, you will need to supply the full paper by the Monday 3 May 2021. Full papers must conform to the style sheet that has been prepared to facilitate publication. Papers that do not conform may not be published. For more information about style requirements please see below.

Therefore, full papers will be further selected by an international panel and double-blind peer reviewed for publication. On acceptance of the paper for inclusion in the journal, authors are requested to assign copyright of the paper to the University of Hertfordshire. This allows the University of Hertfordshire to sanction reprints and photocopies and to authorize the re-publication of complete issues or volumes according to demand. Authors will retain proprietary rights and veto over third party publication. Authors wishing to publish elsewhere must first seek permission from the University of Hertfordshire and will be required to credit Working Papers in Art and Design and the University of Hertfordshire as the original publishers of the paper.

Style Requirements (Full Papers):

  • You should send your full paper as plain text. Please do not send PDF’s because we will need to encode your paper in HTML if it is selected for publication
  • Your paper must start with the title, followed by your name and affiliation. Your paper must end with your name and affiliation, followed by a postal address. In addition you may include a link to your own home page, blog or other online presence, etc. Do not include the abstract, because this will be added later as a link.
  • References and citations should be in the Harvard style and full bibliographical information should be included of all cited texts. A list of references should be placed at the end of the paper. If in doubt, it is requested that authors follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition, Section 16.
  • If endnotes are required you should not use your word-processor’s automatic feature. You should place the note number in square brackets [1] and supply a separate numbered list with the note text at the end of your paper.
  • Images may be included in the text. However, they must also be supplied as a separate file. If they are not included their location should be shown thus: [IMAGE1.GIF], where IMAGE1.GIF is the image filename.
  • Do not use “styles” or anything else that may not transfer to another computer.
  • Do not use multiple fonts and sizes as these will be standardised to a house style.
  • Use only straight double quotation marks, i.e. UK keyboard character Shift-2, not “smart/typographer’s quotes.”
  • Do not format your text using “tables” or similar. If you need to present a table keep it simple so that it can be converted into HTML for publication.
  • Do not link your images (OLE). Include/embed your images in the text but also supply another separate copy of the image file.