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Luxury in the Age of Technology Luxury, innovation and technology have always been intertwined. Whether it be through the manufacturing techniques developed during the eighteenth century or the emergence of digital processes that impact on design, craftsmanship and production today. Circular economic models address the need to be aware of the impact of our actions … Read More

Space of Luxury. Airbus Corporate Jet Student Project

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Shaun Borstrock, Associate Dean – Business Innovation and Projects launched the second Spaces of Luxury competition following on from the successful collaboration with Prada and Yale School of Management last year. This project is at its heart design led and explores the notion of luxury within a confined, moving space – a private jet. Students … Read More

Luxury, sustainability and Waste.

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In Pursuit of Luxury 2018. Luxury, sustainability and Waste in collaboration with Yale School of Management – Cape Town A ‘Design Practicum’ Course Tackles Cape Town’s Water Crisis In South Africa, the class, working with Dr. Shaun Borstrock, Professor Mark Bloomfield, and Nick Lovegrove and students from the University of Hertfordshire, will be confronting one … Read More